Antibodies Are an Effective Treatment for COVID-19.
But Must Be Used Early.
Here is What You Can Do

Time is our enemy.

If you are at risk for severe COVID-19 and have been infected, you have 3 – 10 days maximum to get treatment with antibodies that can reduce your risk of hospitalization by over 70%.   You can develop a Personal ImmunoPrevention Plan right now to be ready.

If you are a public health or political leader, each week that passes costs us more hospitalizations and deaths.   Implementing an action plan for Focused Protection with Antibodies can help reduce both.

See What the COVID-19 Task Force Says

Dr. David Kessler, the Chief Scientist for the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 Task Force, has for the last several weeks given a full throated endorsement and call for both the public and medical community to embrace and use monoclonal antibodies early and pro-actively as a critical tool to reduce hospitalizations and deaths.   Here is a recent interview with Rachel Madow on MSNBC.



If you are at risk for severe COVID-19 and have been infected, you have 3 – 10 days maximum to get treatment with monoclonal antibodies that can reduce your risk of hospitalization by over 70%.   

Have a Plan

Early identification of an infection and treatment is the key to success – the earlier the better.   So you need a plan. There are simple steps you can take right now to help protect yourself.

  1. Know Your Risk.  Consult with your physician to determine your risk profile, and you can also use online resources for a self-assessment.
  2. Make Sure Your Healthcare Providers Knows About Monoclonal Antibodies.   Not all do.  Antibodies are a largely forgotten and overlooked tool, and most attention has been focused on vaccines.
  3. Know where and how you can be treated if your are infected.  This is crucial.   Supplies are currently limited, and Monoclonal Antibodies must be administered with an IV (intravenous infusion) that require a facility dedicated to COVID-19 treatment.   The response of states and healthcare providers in setting these up varies widely.
  4. This HHS Web Site provides information and this HHS online tool provides a map and directory for those trying to find monoclonal antibody treatment. The site is still missing data for many states, but improving. The HHS has said the team is working “as rapidly as possible” to update the site and add more resources.


  5. Be Vigilant and When In Doubt, Test.   Of course, you should continue to exercise maximum caution to prevent infection with social distancing, face masks and hand washing.   But you also need to test frequently – and proactively – to ensure that if you are infected, you will find out quickly.

What you know and what action you take rapidly can make all the difference!


Thanks to unprecedented global collaboration of both government and private industry, vaccines are rolling out.   But vaccines:

  1. Will take at least until Q3 to achieve herd immunity;
  2. May not be optimally effective for the population groups that are most vulnerable to COVID-19; 
  3. Due to both resistance and kinks in distribution will leave pockets of people unprotected for even longer; and
  4. do not help someone that has already been infected with the virus.

Focused Protection with Monoclonal Antibodies can reduce severity of disease from COVID-19 infections for vulnerable groups (e.g. the elderly, people with preexisting conditions) to achieve 3 critical objectives:

  1. reduce hospitalizations and save lives now; 
  2. provide an “Insurance Policy” of supplemental protection for at risk population groups as normal economic and social activity resume; 
  3. provide an effective treatment option to minimize hospitalizations and deaths from inevitable outbreaks in years to come.

But in order for antibody-based therapeutics to have a meaningful impact, we must:

  1. increase visibility and awareness among both citizens and the medical community;
  2. invest and focus on scaling production and  distribution; and
  3. establish protocols and processes that enable rapid response for early use and then prophylactic use for at risk population groups for COVID-19. is dedicated to informing citizens and leaders of businesses, NGOs and government  with the knowledge and call to action to make this happen.

We have laid out a strategy that we call Focused Protection with Antibodies.


If you are at risk for severe COVID-19, develop your personal plan to tet ImmunoPrevention with Antibodies if you are infected.

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