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Immunoprevention.org is a non-profit, non-partisan health action group composed of physicians, seasoned digital and technology pros, whose mission is to:

  1. advocate to national, state and local leadership; and
  2. empower each citizen, company and organization with knowledge and tools to take action individually and collectively

to apply immunoprevention against Covid-19 with monoclonal antibodies and other antibody-based therapeutics in a smart, effective strategy of Focused Protection to save lives and restore economic and cultural vitality.

More importantly, however, ImmunoPrevention.org is not about us, it’s about YOU!   We are just concerned citizens that cared enough, and got tired enough of waiting, to take action.   We’ve been waiting for the top-down solutions, and they have not arrived.  So instead we are building a bottom-up solution for distributed, personal action that will leverage each of our own self-interest in our health, and protecting our families, friends, neighbors and communities.    But the solution can only happen if we work together.  If we do, this can have a huge impact on the collective challenge we face to restore our economy and cultural lives.    

Over the last months, we have seen a remarkable outpouring of support and volunteers that want to help see this ambitious vision come to fruition, and be a part of turning the tide and winning the war on Covid-19.   This gives us the courage and conviction to plunge forward.  It’s a leap of faith, based on the belief that when people are empowered with the right tools, a clear plan of action, and the ability to help themselves and each other, that anything is possible 

If you would like to join our team or help us achieve our mission, please:

Why Us?

Like a lot of things, this started as a simple idea.  Or, really, the simple recognition that the most proven and time tested strategy for fighting Covid-19 was not getting its proper share of media attention, funding and, most importantly, action.   So, we created a first version of this site back in March to present the facts, the history and the message that immunoprevention with monoclonal antibodies and hyper-immune globulin could be a game changer for both saving lives and the economy.

Months went by, and while the medical science and trials have progressed rapidly with strong funding, the focus, funding and action is still lacking to:

  1. accelerate and scale roll-out and production of these medicines; 
  2. apply them effectively for prevention, not just treatment, of Covid-19; and
  3. communicate to the general public the opportunity these present to not only save lives, but also restore our economy and cultural activities.

Whenever we talked to people about this, once they understood this opportunity now being missed, we always got only one question:  “Where can I sign up?!”

So, given the lack of action at the Federal or State level – which we still hope will come – we decided we must act to answer that question.  

Our Mission

Now:  Focused Protection with Antibodies 

Vaccines are key and the best tool to reach ‘herd immunity’ but that will not be until Q3 2021, and they may not be as protective as hoped for the elderly and at risk population groups.  Antibodies are thus a crucial complementary tool for the near and mid-term.

Antibody Therapeutics: 
  1. are a significant part of Operation Warp Speed‘s response;
  2. have been granted EUAs (Eli Lilly’s Bamlanivimab and Regeneron’s Casirivimab and imdevimab 
  3. have guidelines for use by the NIH; and
  4. are in nationwide distribution

But crucial pieces are missing to realize their full benefit:

  1. Focus and funding for accelerated production.
  2. Given the current scarcity, a clear plan for how to maximize the benefit of what we have and what can be produced over the next few months. 
We have developed an action plan, called Focused Protection, which has to be done at the state level, but would benefit from a national model, coordination and funding.  It has the following components.

  1. Funding and action from Congress and Operation Warp Speed to increase production and expedite distribution of antibody therapeutics.
  2. Implement a communications campaign to the public so that people who are in vulnerable population groups are aware that this therapy exists, and that early action is critical to their effectiveness.
  3. Set up a registry of these people, as well as a self service Web site for proactive people that would like to determine if they are vulnerable, and be able to develop a concrete plan of action for what they should do if they are infected.
  4. Set up a hotline and brief physicians / clinics / healthcare networks so that they know what to do with patients in their population that are at risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19.

Long Term

After the war on Covid-19 is won, we believe that this model and infrastructure for collective coordination of knowledge, activism and action can have a permanent positive role in:

  1. preparedness and response to future break-out epidemics like Covid-19; or 
  2. the return of Covid-19 itself (it is quite possible it will be like the Flu in terms of mutations & ongoing circulation seasonally); and
  3. combatting other infectious diseases that have chronic circulation and flair-ups.

Immunoprevention.org also sees ongoing activism and promotion of vaccinations as part of its mission.  We are dedicated to immunoprevention in all its forms and tools, and providing a non-governmental, bottom up platform for citizens to take gain knowledge and action to protect their communities, as well as counteract the ‘anti-vaxxer’ misinformation and ideology.

Our Principles

Covid-19 – like all viruses – is a relentless adversary.  It is now here to stay, and we are still in the “hit or miss” stage of coping with this disease.   We need to follow sound principles, and be just as relentless. While we can hope for the best with vaccines, we should plan for the worst and build out a complete set of tools and strategies to save lives and restore our economic and cultural vitality.  

These are the values that propel our mission and action.

  • Respect Science.   Start with what we do not know.  Test, validate and gather data to prove that what we think we know is true.   Then we can act with the best chance for good results.
  • Respect the Truth.  We must be honest, open and transparent at all times in order to communicate effectively and credibly so that people can take appropriate action.
  • Respect Each Other.   We don’t care about politics – and neither does the virus.  But we also must respect and care for each other, and follow sound science and best practices for collective action.
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