The Failure to Focus on Covid-19 Treatments Get Coverage, but the Media is Still Missing the Main Plot Line

The New York Times gave some coverage to the failure to focus on COVID-19 treatments in comparison to the resources and priority put on vaccines: How the Search for Covid-19 Treatments Faltered While Vaccines Sped Ahead Vaccine development exceeded everyone’s expectations. But the next few months will still bring many sick people — and doctors […]

Biden Administration Publishes National Strategy for COVID-19 – with No Mention of Antibodies

It is wonderful to see a nationally coordinated and funded strategy for execution of a comprehensive response to COVID-19, and we applaud the Biden Administration and the Task Force for this first step. However, it is very disappointing – astonishing, really – that it contains not a word about increasing production, distribution and effective use […]

Continued Confusion & Hesitancy in Appropriate Use of Monoclonal Antibodies is Costing Lives

There was great news over the last few weeks with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine roll-outs.  On the other hand, there is still tragic confusion and hesitation on the appropriate and focused use of Monoclonal Antibodies.   As both our national health leaders with the most insight and experience with these therapeutics, and knowledgeable physicians point out: The […]

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