Take Action

People are dying. Our economy in ruins. Sports and cultural events have been cancelled or severely limited. Each month this goes on costs us in jobs, loneliness and untold suffering, and lengthens the timeline it will take to recover.

We decided that we could no longer just sit around, isolating in our living rooms and waiting for vaccines that will take time to be deployed safely, and are not likely to entirely solve the problem.  But we don’t have to!

Antibodies are the proven, tried & true strategy for saving lives and combatting viral epidemics.   And now they are available.   All we need to do to is:

  • make sure that people that have high risk of severe COVID-19 know what to do, and can be quickly diagnosed and treated with antibody-based therapeutics; and
  • demand that our public health and political leaders put funding, focus and action into making this option available to all that need it.

We can be the agents and digital infrastructure, but the power is in your hands, will you join us?

Are you ready to take action to help yourself, your family, your community and our nation? Here’s how.

Protect Yourself

My Immunoprevention Plan

If you are someone with high risk of severe COVID-19, do NOT wait to get infected and see how ill you become.  You can develop a plan now, and act quickly if infected, to dramatically reduce your risk of hospitalization and death.

Tell Your Leaders

Focused Protection with Antibodies

Tell your public health and political leaders in your state that you want focus, funding and action to make sure that all citizens know about immunoprevention with antibodies, and can get treatment if needed and desired.

Pass It On

Spread the Word about Immunoprevention

Let your friends, colleagues, neighbors know about immunoprevention, and how they can take action.   Demand support and action from your community, state and national leaders to help accelerate and scale production and delivery of immunoprevention.

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