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Spread the Word about Immunoprevention

An effective treatment for COVID-19 is now available.  Not a cure, but a treatment that has demonstrated 70% reduction in hospitalizations.   An “Playbook” laying out the action plan and guidelines for each state to take advantage of this has been provided by Operation Warp Speed.

There is much you can do to help us increase the focus, resources and urgency to take advantage of immunoprevention with monoclonal antibodies to reduce hospitalization, save lives and safely re-open our economy.  Please do what you can, and then some more!

Protect Yourself, Family and Friends

 If you or a family member or friends are at high risk for severe COVID-19, you can develop a personal action plan together with your physician / healthcare provider to get early diagnosis and treatment with monoclonal antibodies.

Your ImmunoPrevention Plan

Engage with Your Public Health and Political Leaders

If they have not done so already, demand that the public health department and political leaders in your state take action to ensure that all citizens know about this option, and can receive treatment if desired.Foc

Focused Protection with Antibodies

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Tell Your Leaders

Demand support and action from your community, state and national leaders to help accelerate and scale production and delivery of immunoprevention.


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