Sign the petition below to tell leaders in business, government, NGOs that you want focus, funding and action to scale production and distribution of antibody-based drugs to provide immunoprevention for all that want it.


  • SARS-CoV-2 infections are exacting a devastating mortality of elderly persons and others with pre-existing health conditions, and have led to widespread quarantining, suspension of social and business activities at enormous economic cost that is not sustainable.
  • We have been engaged in a national dialogue about the need to re-open the economy, versus the stark realities that COVID-19 and its kin are likely here to stay.  As we have seen, the risk of new outbreaks and deaths is directly related to easing of restrictions under current circumstances.
  • Thanks to unprecedented global collaboration of both government and private industry, vaccines are on their way. But these will take time to manufacture and distribute for widespread use. 
  • There is also a significant risk that vaccines will not be optimally effective for the population groups most vulnerable to severe disease or death from COVID-19 (the elderly, pre-existing conditions, etc.)
  • Time is our enemy:  each day and week that passes costs us more deaths, illnesses and long term economic damage.   But this does not have to be the case.


Immunoprevention with antibodies can achieve all critical objectives for at risk and vulnerable persons:

    1. Prevent COVID 19 infection; 
    2. Reduce the severity of disease and health impacts;
    3. Provide a safety net during the period when vaccination leads to increased social activity and exposures; and
    4. Quickly respond to localized outbreaks to boost protection of those with contact risk.

Now Therefore:

  1. We urge that state and national leaders put urgent focus, resources and attention on massively scaling production and distribution of antibody based drugs to prevent COVID-19 deaths, contribute to stopping the epidemic and restoring our economic vitality.

    2. We pledge our personal support as scientists, physicians and citizens to the development, production and distribution of antibody products.

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