Count Me In for Immunoprevention!

Pledge to participate in an innovative Phase 4 trial model for immunoprevention drugs once they have cleared Phase 3 trials.   This will enable rapid roll-out of for safety and efficacy, so that we can engage with Government and Biotech/Pharma companies developing them to ramp up production NOW. 
The only thing we can guarantee here is that we will advocate and engage.  Phase 3 trials must be completed, and ramping up production depends on funding.   But by pledging here, you will be demonstrating the demand for this to happen.
Signing the Petition is a great first step.  But actually pledging and registering to participate in trials or early access programs for immunoprevention medicines is what is needed if we want to accelerate.  If you complete the form to Pledge on our Website, we will not share any of this information with anyone other than the total number of people that have pledged.     This will enable us to engage with the leading Pharma & Biotech companies developing antibody-based drugs, as well as government leaders responsible for funding them and facilitating regulatory approvals.
If and when such programs are created in partnership with the relevant Biotech and Pharma companies, with the appropriate regulatory approvals, we have partnered with Clinical Trial Media (CTM), a global leader in this area, to run them. 
Clinical Trial Media will:
  1. ensure professional, HIPAA compliant management of your privacy and data;
  2. coordinate with Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies that are developing and producing antibody-based drugs that are suitable for preventing infection;
  3. provide ongoing management of the program, helping to track participation and follow on data collection to measure efficacy and keep program participants informed.
Before providing your information to CTM, we will send all pledges an update and information on the program, and an option to opt-out of the list.   CTM will then notify and engage with those people that wish to be contacted.   There will be multiple steps and processes, all of which you must agree to, before you would actually be enrolled in any program.  But registering now will enable you to help yourself and help others get immunoprevention more quickly. 

Privacy Statement

 We will not provide or share your information with any other party than Clinical Trial Media.  If and when trials, early access or other programs are created with the relevant Biotech and Pharma companies, with the appropriate regulatory approvals, Clinical Trial Media will contact you with further information and steps you can take to register and participate.
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